"Excellent firms don't believe in excellence — only in constant improvement and constant change."

Thomas J. Peters


We are all individual and different so each solution we offer is tailor-made to our client's needs.

INDIVIDUAL - Learn what makes you ‘glow’ at work and how you can fully utilise your talents. We specialise in identifying your strengths and potential and giving you the skills to accelerate your success.
TEAM - Learn how your team can ‘glow’ and become a high performing team. We specialise in working with new, existing and virtual teams.
ORGANISATION - Learn how your organisation can ‘glow’ and create a culture where talent and potential is unleashed. We specialise in culture, leadership, talent, diversity and change management.


The ‘development at work’ series of workshops to accelerate your success, evidence based and practical:

  • Mind mapping at work – discover how to effectively generate and nurture creative ideas.
  • Positive psychology at work – determine your unrealised and realised strengths, and work in a state of flow with your values and talents aligned.
  • Coaching at work – learn how to actively listen and ask powerful questions to maximise personal effectiveness.
  • Unconscious at work – discover what you really want and learn to listen to your unconscious.
  • Emotions at work – learn how to manage your emotional states and perform more effectively at work.
  • Branding at work – identify your personal brand and learn how to communicate your brand to get noticed.
  • Networking at work – who do you know and who do they know. Learn the skills to be more open with others and share your hidden talents and build relationships.
  • Presence at work – explore image, voice, posture and body language in order to create an impact in every interaction.
  • Mindfulness at work – learn how to notice each breath you take and track how each moment is constantly changing. Seeing things as they really are, will help you make wiser decisions.
  • Wanted at work – what can you do to become the most wanted employee, leaving your mark wherever you go.

Glow at work network - monthly events

An innovative network for individuals who want to unleash their talents and fulfil their potential. We create events for you to stimulate debate with motivated individuals and challenge yourself to reach your full potential. There is also coaching to motivate you along the way. A mixture of the latest evidence based good practice from occupational and positive psychology.

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An example of one of our solutions:

NHS Leadership Empowerment Programme > >

Imperial College Healthcare Case Study  [PDF]

Programme Outline

There is a growing recognition that the make-up of the NHS workforce should reflect the diversity of the communities that it serves. This has been emphasised by David Nicholson, NHS Chief Executive.

While this programme is primarily targeted at Black & Ethnic Minority (BME) groups who are under represented at senior grades, we welcome applications from all staff groups who want to progress their career and become future managers and leaders.

This six day training programme provides opportunities for learning and development. It will enhance your personal insight and empower you to maximise your potential, and progress your career in the NHS.

The Leadership Empowerment programme was a runner up in the HPMA 2012 Excellence in HRM Awards: Healthcare Performance award for best coaching or personal development strategy.

Aims -

  • To increase the representation of BME staff in higher banded positions.
  • To enable participants to move one or two pay bands higher within a year.
  • To enable participants to undertake a significant achievement of value to the NHS.

Objectives of the Leadership Empowerment Programme are to:

  • Reflect on your strengths and development needs.
  • Enhance your personal and team leadership skills.
  • Learn from senior leaders about strategies for success and career progression.
  • Challenge your thinking, knowledge and behaviour at work and support each others learning.
  • Develop an effective relationship with your peer mentor and senior management mentor.