"We see the world, not as it is, but as we are."


Social Responsibility

Global charity initiative

We believe in enabling people worldwide to “unleash their talent and potential.” We do this by donating 4% of our yearly profits to the charity Help Us Give Smiles or H.U.G.S. H.U.G.S works in conjunction with Terry Child Support and youth resource centre in Machakos, Kenya, a community based organisation that counters the plight of orphans and other less fortunate children. We want to help the children to develop a brighter future.

Developing future talent

We also support MSc Occupational Psychology students and graduates by offering internships for them to develop practical expertise and apply their skills to the workplace. We offer mentoring and coaching to enable students and graduates to fulfil their full potential. We also donate 3% of our profits to support students and graduates with developing project ideas to unleash talent and potential in the workplace.

Testimonial from Rajesh Chopra Intern at Glow at Work:

“It's been fantastic to take the theoretical knowledge which I am currently acquiring via my MSc in Occupational Psychology and apply it, in a real world context. In many ways, I feel that working for Glow at Work has been an experience which represents a microcosm of the entire industry. Harpal is extremely supportive, and has greatly aided in my professional development by allowing me freedom to express myself and giving me responsibility. She has fantastically innovative ideas, and I have enjoyed working with her to develop them and assist in making them a reality.”