"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."



Harpal worked with us over a period of several months, delivering a series of short workshops for the whole team, augmented by one- to-one coaching for the senior team, she gradually shifted attitudes and behaviour. The expanded team now communicates and collaborates much more effectively, with positive knock-on effects on teamwork and the quality of the service they provide.

Catriona Noble, Community Nurse Manager, Hammersmith & Fulham

I want to say thank you for inviting me to the programme award ceremony for the Diversity and Inspire Network - Empowerment Programme 2011: Unlocking your Full Potential. It was such a fantastic event and demonstrated that inspirational leadership, the kind that truly inspires others to achieve great things, can come from anyone in the organisation. The key messages I took away from the morning were to seize your opportunities, take charge of your own career development and believe in yourself. They were really clearly fired up “to seize the day”! I want to commend Lesley Bown and the Equality and Diversity team, the course facilitator Harpal Dhatt, Chartered Occupational Psychologist, for providing this opportunity and making it such a rich experience.

James Reilly CEO at Central London Community Healthcare

I was very pleased that having given you the brief, you tailored the content to meet our specific needs and pitched your work at the right level. The team were able to understand rather complex psychological concepts through your clear explanation and practical examples. Your style was relaxed yet informative and engaging. In the more formal evaluation, the team described your session as really enjoyable and relevant to their everyday practice.

Ian Jones, Head of Nutrition & Dietetics (Westminster and H&F Teams)

  • Kept us all interested and energised. Listened and discussed rather than lectured.
  • Balanced, didn't give one person too much attention. Relaxed, approachable. Attentive.
  • Listened to the team and identified areas for me to grow.

Comments from a leadership workshop at Red Ant

The 1:1 coaching sessions have been invaluable in understanding how my personality and behaviour relates to my work outcomes. I found it to be extremely accurate of me and highlighted my management and leadership style.

Lead Nurse, Offender Healthcare, Wormwood Scrubs Prison

In a nut shell, the Empowerment Programme was educative, informative, evidence-based and timely. I would recommend it to all. And I say a very big thank you to Harpal Dhatt.

Perpetual Ogunfuye, Community Staff Nurse, NHS.

Harpal developed an achievement programme for achievers. It has stimulated and brought to life hidden powers that were not known to me before; it has transformed and motivated me to aim beyond the sky. The feedback and individualistic approach to personal development, has given me the confidence to move from a Community Staff Nurse to a higher position of Deputy Team Leader.

Emmanuel Salako, Deputy Team Leader, NHS.

Moono & Alison have developed their roles, rather than perform their roles. They are using their time more productively and thinking more strategically. I am also learning from the skills they have developed from the programme.

James Miller, Manager of Empowerment Programme Participant.

Harpal designed and delivered a team away day with 1:1 coaching, tailored to suit our needs. We have already begun to see some positive changes in the dynamics of our team. I would highly recommend Harpal to other teams.

Rachel Haffenden, Clinical Nurse Manager, H&F PCT/Imperial College Healthcare

The work-life balance work has been invaluable. I had not recognised how out of balance it was. Harpal gave me the confidence to address this in a professional manner.

Senior Matron at Wormwood Scrubs Prison

Harpal was excellent as a presenter at the Psychometrics Forum event on Positive Psychology in organisations.

Zorica Patel Lecturer at the University of Westminster