"The concept of glow at work is when you or your organisation: “radiate positive energy—that fosters a great working experience... excites and ignites others, and through your inspiration and innovation creates superior value and success in your work."

Glow, Lynda Gratton, 2009

Who we are

At Glow at Work, we love working with people using practical techniques grounded in evidence from occupational and positive psychology.

We are creative and innovative in our thinking and constantly search for the best ways for our clients to achieve accelerated success.

We are passionate about creating thriving workplaces where people can really Glow at Work.

The way we work:

  • Specialise in accelerating behaviour change tailored to your needs to drive sustainable change.
  • Collaboratively with clients, using evidence based solutions to maximise success at work.
  • Provide clients with added value by looking at how the solution fits in with the whole organisation and evaluating the outcomes.
  • We're people, people. So expect a personal, empathetic yet effective approach that enables you to make things happen!

Our values:

  • Authenticity - we believe in delivering the right solution for our clients and offering value for money results.
  • Integrity - we practice what we preach and strive to be good role models. To be effective we give honest feedback to our clients to accelerate their success.
  • Compassion - we care about the way we work with clients and build long term collaborative partnerships.


We are a small team that achieves great results.

  • Harpal Dhatt - Chief Executive
  • Eraine Szabunia - Trainer
  • Grace Vanterpool - Trainer/Coach/Mentor
  • Rajesh Chopra - Trainee Occupational Psychologist
  • Nimita Shah - Trainee Occupational Psychologist
  • Marco Bellin - Marketing & Business Development Intern